Simple Effective Organic

Simple Effective Organic

Vacation Rental Marketing SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science: it's Internet science.

And Internet science 101 is Keywords.

  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords
    • They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but on the Internet quite the opposite of that old adage is true., from your perspective the Internet should be viewed as a hungry Robot with an appetite for only one thing - Keywords.
    • Use simple relevant phrases and terms like "vacation rental", "bed and breakfast" and "romantic getaway". Think of what words could lead guests to you. For example, "family friendly" or "pets allowed". Be sure to also include variations on phrases: "bed-and-breakfast, B&B" for example.
    • Regionalization is very important. Include your Town, County, State or Province in headlines and subheadings as well as in your description.
    • Localization of your listing is also key to effective results in search engine rank. Mentioning local points of interest, attractions and hot-spots around your locale, gives search engines a much clearer understanding of your listings regional relevance and therefore it's ranking.
    • Repetition. May I repeat: Repetition. Within reason, as you still want your listing content to be human readable, repeat keywords and phrases often.
    • Competitive vs. Less Competitive keywords: Keyword competition is the measure of how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword or phrase. For example, "Vacation Rental" is a very popular and much sought after keyword phrase, thus very competitive. A good strategy is to also use less competitive "niche" words that, though users search less for that keyword, afford a much better chance to rank highly. Again, this is where localization helps: "Toronto Vacation Rental", "Lakefront Condo Rental".

Be social!

  • Social Media
    • Social media serves as a great SEO tool when used in conjunction with your VR listing. Create Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ profiles/pages for your rental property. Use unique descriptive keywords in your profiles and posts. Search engines prefer content that is varied and doesn't look like a "Cut & Paste" job.
    • Use your chosen keywords in your username and profile, and when adding or updating posts to social media sites. Use keywords in the names of images you upload, i.e., 100-springfield-ave-vacation-rental.jpg. Add social media buttons to make sharing your super content easy. Here is a very useful guide to adding social media buttons for the top social networks

The missing link

  • Partners & Creating a web
    • Page Rank (the name of the algorithm Google uses to determine a web page's relevance for a particular set of keywords) is largely based upon two factors, how many other people do you connect or link to, and how many link to you. Always include keyword rich hyperlinks pointing to related articles, events or local points of interest in your pages and posts.
    • Quality over quantity: Search engines will reward you for pointing to things on the web that are relevant to the topic or context of your posts. They will also penalize you for pointing to non-related or low relevance sites or for participating in schemes such as Link Farms and Directory Sites.
    • Inbound links from partners: Getting other sites to link to you is a very effective method of raising your standing in search results. But be careful that you only develop quality links.